We toured the models of the new Bay Lake Tower Rooms. The models are located at the DVC Center at Saratoga Springs. They have a studio and a one bedroom suite set up to the exact scale and size of the real thing. It is also set up in a way to show how the studio and one room suite can be combined to create a two bedroom suite.
The one bedroom suite is very nice and spacious. It totals just over 1100 sq. feet.
The studio, however, is small. In the intial press releases, Jim Lewis refers to "glamping" at the new Treehouse Villas. He may have really meant the studios at Bay Lake Tower! The studio room feels like an RV or boat. It even has a lift up cabinet door in the kitchen.
Perhaps the most disturbing design in the Bay Lake Tower Studio is the Kitchen/Bathroom. There is no sink in the bathroom!  We were told that the idea is that more than one person can be "getting ready" at the same time.  However, the thought of using the restroom and then going into the kitchen to wash your hands seems unsanitary to me. I am really surprised that this is acceptable to current building codes. The kitchen has a bathroom vanity setup on one wall and the kitchen on the other wall. There is about 2 1/2 feet of walkway in the kitchen between these two setups.
The studio comes in at just over 300 sq. feet. This is about 100 sq. feet less than a standard room at the Contemporary.
One thing about the models that is fantastic, is all the hidden Mickeys and very visible Mickey themes. The Contemporary Resort in its current theme is very devoid of Mickey Mouse.

Here are the photo Galleries. Click the thumbnail to open the picture viewer. Then you can go through the pictures by using the picture viewer controls. Waiting for all the pictures to fully load will allow a better experience. Also, in these galleries are some custom artwork that I created using the actual artwork in the models.
Click to see theStudio Model:
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Photos and Pictures of Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort by Craig and Dina Bendele
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